About the NJ Wife

Hello, and welcome to my page! My name is Jessica. I am married to my soul mate, Matt. We both grew up in New Jersey, within twenty miles of each other. Of course, we didn’t know that until later in life.

Matt and I met at a High School football game our senior year when our teams were competing with one another. He asked me out, and I reluctantly said yes. The rest is history. We have been married for 8 years now. We have a wonderful 6 year old daughter, Stephanie. I am a stay at home mom, photographer, and homeschool parent.

I started this blog as a way to write about our adventures growing in New Jersey. I find that I am continually growing as a wife, mother, photographer, and homeschooler. Some of our family has moved out of state in the past couple of years, too, so this gives us an opportunity to stay in touch with them as well.

I will apologize ahead of time if my posts seem to jump around a lot. My life stays pretty busy, and I tend to write about whatever is on my mind at the time. I hope you will hang out with me here and enjoy your ride along on our adventures of Growing up a NJ Wife!