Mind blown - Cooking Tip

Put a wooden spoon over a pot of bowling water while cooking pasta and it will not boil over! 

pasta cooking


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Such a Big Girl

I was folding diapers on Friday and asked Elisabeth to put one in her room.  She happily took it into her room and then I heard drawers closing.  When she came back for a second diaper I made sure to follow and see exactly what she was doing with the diaper.  The drawer she puts the diaper into is actually her diaper drawer.  She ended up putting all of her diapers away.


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We are on the rise, let's hope it keeps up

I mentioned about a week ago how all of a sudden Elisabeth was vehemently against being in or near the tub.  Well I'm happy to report that she is once again a HUGE fan of the tub.  Her mom-mom came in the middle of our bath time revolt and provided Elisabeth with epic bubble baths that she just couldn't say no to.

Since she has been a fan of the tub again.  We've had to end her bath time due to cold water since. 

A few days ago I also mentioned that E decided that dinner was evil.  I received so much support in the comments that I was comforted knowing that I wasn't alone.  Sometimes knowing that you're not alone is the best comfort of all.  Thankfully E has been eating like a champ ever since.  I have no idea what was wrong that night.  I'm going to say teething.  She cut a new tooth that day and was a ginormous fuss butt.  We are now up to seven teeth.  


So from what I can guess teething turns a sweet agreeable baby into a cranky monster.  A monster that decides that everything that was fun the day before is no longer acceptable.  E has sooo many more teeth to come in.  I'm a little scared.  Teething advice is greatly appreciated.

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Wordless Wednesday

toddler chair

mini pink chair

singing toddler

This is the toy box that E's great grandfather built her.  From scratch.  So much from scratch that he made the plan up as he went.  Nothing downloaded from the internet.  Just his mind, a hardware store, and some tools.  It's AMAZING!  It is by far the greatest piece of furniture in our entire house.  And it holds toys.
toy box

toddler toy box


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The night she didn't eat

For the first time EVER Elisabeth refused to eat dinner last night.  I'm worried.  I don't know why she didn't eat.  She loves dinner.  Right before dinner she was saying "fooooo" and pointing to her chair.  She got excited when I put her bib on and was happy to be put in her high chair.

I put her plate in front of her and she flat out REFUSED to even taste any of it.  We had slow cooked roast pork, potatoes, and carrots.  She usually loves slow cooked anything.  She hasn't had pork in awhile, but she's definitely had potatoes and carrots recently.  She wouldn't even taste them.  This isn't like her.  She'll try anything if I tell her it's food.

toddler chicken
She just fussed and gave me her plate saying "All done".  I gave her a little piece of a biscuit and then all she wanted was bread.  She screamed "breh".  Here's the thing; do I give her the bread?  Do I only offer whats for dinner?  Do I give her what she wants so she eats?  What do I do?

outdoor dining

Eventually dinner was done and all E ate was a little piece of biscuit I gave her and nothing else.  When I cleaned up she went into the fridge and pulled out the container of left over potatoes and carrots.  She sat on her bottom on the floor saying "pease" while pointing at it.  I got excited thinking that maybe she wanted some.  She pulled out a potato and ate half of it while saying, MMMMM", but that's it.  She went back into the fridge pulled out a blueberry Greek yogurt and insisted on eating that. 

I didn't know whether or not I should give her what she wanted so that she would eat or insist on her eating what we had for dinner.  Being the paranoid mom that I am I gave in and fed her the yogurt.  She ate practically the entire thing.  I thought originally maybe she just wasn't hungry, but who eats an entire yogurt and isn't hungry?

food for a toothless toddler

If your child refuses what you serve for dinner do you only offer that or do you offer something else?  Did my giving in and giving E the yogurt doom me forever?  Is this just a phase?  Am I worrying for nothing?  Could it be teething?

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Easy Canvas Prints - Review and Giveaway

Recently I was given the honor of a free 16x20 canvas portrait!  I've been meaning to get a canvas of a family picture for a long time, but like most things it kept getting put off.  You can imagine my excitement when easycanvasprints.com contacted me and offered me one!  I jumped all over it.

Right when you walk in our door this is the gorgeous canvas print that you see.  The picture was taken last October when E turned six months old by our friend Tom from Fitz The Moment Photography.
hay bale portrait

Isn't it great?!  

Not only is the final product fantastic but the process of creating and ordering it couldn't have been easier.  You can choose what size you want, the depth of the wrap, and whether you want your picture to stretch over the sides or not.  I chose to not stretch the picture to cover the sides.  If you do this option you can then pick a color for the edges.  I'm old fashioned and went with plain white.

You can even upload photos from Instagram and Facebook!  The site walks you thru the entire process.  It's incredibly easy.  It will also alert you if you picture doesn't have adequate enough resolution for the size of the canvas you have selected.  There is a digital mock up of your final canvas product that you work with the entire time so you won't accidentally order a canvas with your head cut off.

EasyCanvasPrints.com and BuildASign.com are offering one of my readers an 8x10" standard wrap canvas! Open to residents of the continental US only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This review and giveaway is brought to you by EasyCanvasPrints.com and BuildASign.com

*I was given a 16x20" standard wrap canvas for review purposes.  All opinions are my own*


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That's so pinteresting

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After meeting Kathia from Pink Little Cake at Blogher I've been in love with looking at decorated sugar cookies and fancy cakes.  Here are some of my favorite impossible for me cookies and cakes that I've pinned.

Check out the amazing detail of these cookies and ONLY white icing was used.

I love the daintiness of this cake.  It's so simple and yet so detailed at the same time.  I'm also a sucker for pale colors that pop.

Finally since Elisabeth has been slightly obsessed with the picture of the mooing cow on my phone.  I give you adorable cow cupcakes!
 Source:  Sugar Ruffles via Muisss on Pinterest

I'm linking this Pinteresting post up with Courtney from Baxtron{Life}

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How to Talk to a pregnant lady


I'm guest posting for Melissa over at Growing Up Geeky while she is on a luxury vacation.  Since she is currently with child I thought I would draw some cartoons to teach everyone the appropriate ways to interact with a pregnant lady.  You should all go check it out!
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Park Time

We love the park.

The fun tunnels that we can see Daddy through.

The fun bars to peak at Mommy

Sometimes Daddy even blows bubbles!

The slide is a little bit of fun.  But it's mostly an excellent seat for snack time.

But mostly we love the swings.  {and snack}

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