Good bye

Tonight I say farewell to my twenties.  Tomorrow at exactly 8:30 AM I will enter my 30's.  Everyone I've talked to today that knew about my impending birthday assured me that their 30's were the best years of their life.  So far I'm calling shenanigans on that.  My twenties were pretty kick ass and stellar.

And oh what a difference a decade makes.  I celebrated the last night of my teenage years in college.  It's a complete contrast to how I'm spending my last night in my twenties.  Let's just say that I plan on being asleep by ten tonight and I'm pretty sure the night didn't even start until 10 back then.  My how times have changed in ten short years.

Tomorrow I will be celebrating the joining of a new decade in Philadelphia.  I'm being pampered with a massage, facial, hair cut, and style.  It's my birthday gift to myself.  I'm going to a very posh spa in center city.  They were super accommodating this afternoon when I decided last minute to spend my birthday there.  

After my day of relaxation The Mister is taking me out to dinner; anywhere that I want to go.  I'm awful at making choices so I haven't actually picked a place yet.  

Wish me good luck as I leave my twenties behind and walk straight into my thirties.

{I told a couple people today that I was having a partial life crisis.  It's a lot like a mid life crisis only it happens earlier, or at least one would hope it's earlier since I plan to live longer then 60}


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