Tomorrow my baby will be 8 weeks old

Give me that fresh salty air

Yesterday we made Els an official NJ girl.  We took her down to Ocean City, NJ for a stroll on the boardwalk, some Mack and Manco's pizza, and some cotton candy.  OK so most of the food was for me, but let's face it she gets it eventually!

For the last three years The Mister and myself have gone to OC the weekend before Memorial Day weekend.  Once Memorial Day hits the NJ shore becomes a sardine can.  You can't walk without bumping into people.  This year we brought our peanut with us.  She LOVED it!

The entire time she was awake, alert, and just soaking in everything.  It was amazing to watch her take everything in that I have seen many times before.  She tried to look at every person that we passed and soak everything in that she was seeing.

It was a grey day, but it turned out to be the perfect day for our adventure to the ocean.  When the sun came out it was just perfect.  Warm enough to no longer need our sweatshirts and to let the soft salty air touch our shoulders and kiss our cheeks.  Els took in those salty kisses and kept asking for more.  She is going to be my little beach bum.  She sniffed the air and gave us big cheeky grins to let us know that she approved of this new location and hoped to come back again.

The boardwalk was alive with people taking everything in before the official opening next weekend.  We weren't the only ones to bring our little one with us.  There were strollers lined up outside of pizza places and kids running up the boards with cotton candy soaked smiles.  It was a perfect sunny grey day to stroll along with my family.

The grey weathered boards welcomed us with open arms and happily introduced itself to Els.  Els will know these boards and will welcome them with us year after year until one day she brings her children.  

NJ residents flocked to Mack & Manco's for a taste of the summer to come.  We dined on summer and drank in the sunshine.  Els may not have been able to enjoy the pizza with us, but she loved looking around and taking in all the people and smells. 

When she could no longer take in the salty air she slept.  And she slept hard.  We continued to walk and look and eat and my little peanut fell fast asleep.  I'm sure she dreamed of wet salty air and sun kissed cheeks.

When she woke up and we got back to the car we packed away her stroller and car seat and walked with her in our arms down to the sand.  The first trip to the ocean is never complete without squishing our toes in the sane.  Els was a big fan of squishing her toes in the sand. We sat her down and as soon as her feet hit the cool sand her toes were wiggling up a storm.  

I couldn't let her have all the toe squishing fun so I stripped off my socks and sneakers and joined my little lady in some cool sand toe squishing.  

The Mister took her down to the ocean cuddled up in his arms for a closer look.  She soaked it all in even as it started to get chilly.  She snuggled closer into her Daddy but never stopped looking out at the vastness in front of her.

We snuggled our peanut back up into her car seat all tucked in and we bid good bye for now.  We'll be back.  Our little lady slept all the way home.  She was tuckered out from her adventures.

And the winner is...

And the winner of the Blocklets make anything prize is...

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said... May 18, 2011 11:13 AM
22.610 when I checked. and I am a gfc follower ~kimberlee, SpunkyDiva at
Congratulations Kimberlee!!!

Blocklets - Make Anything - Giveaway

If you were ever a fan of legos (and lets face it who hasn't been at some point in their life) then you must check out Blocklets.

What are Blocklets you ask?  Blocklets are a build anything system of interlocking wooden and acrylic pieces.  They come in multiple sizes to make just about anything.  If you visit the Kickstarter Blocklets Page you can see videos and pictures of just what Blocklets can do.

Currently founders Gabe and Mark are hoping to get funding to start production on Blocklets through Kickstarter.  If you have never been to kickstarter I highly suggest you go there immediately and take a look around.  Kickstarter is way for individuals with fabulous ideas to get funding.  You can find photos, videos, and posts telling potential sponsors what their idea is and why you should back it.  On Kickstarter you only get funding when you make you funding goal.  If you don't make your goal then you get squat.

Currently Blocklets is really close to getting funding.  They have 94% of their goal funded with four days left to get the remaining 6%.

In honor of this Blocklets is giving one of my readers a set of Blocklets with your name in it!  You can put your child's name, your name, favorite word, etc..

Remember that Father's Day is coming up and these are a great gift for the difficult father to buy for.

How to Enter and Win?!!

(Make sure to leave a separate comment for each and your email address or a way to contact you if you win!)

-- Mandatory Entry - Visit the Blocklets Kickstarter page and leave a comment with how much has been pledged.
-- For One Entry - Follow this blog
-- For One Entry - Follow Blocklets on Twitter
-- For One Entry - Tell me what you would make with Blocklets
-- For FIVE Entries - Make a pledge on Kickstarter for Blocklets - Please leave FIVE separate comments.
-- For Two entries: Write a blog post about this giveaway, with a link back to my blog (leave two separate comments with the link to your blog)

*The contest will be open until Friday, May 2nd at 8 pm EST.

*The winner will be randomly selected (from and announced on this site on Thursday sometime after 8 pm EST. Please either check back to see if you won or leave your email address with your comments. If you do not leave a contact email address in your comment you have 48 hours to contact me at If the winner does not leave a contact email or contact me within 48 hours a new winner will be picked.

*Disclosure: I did not receive payment in any form for this review or feature.*

Did you know?

I just found out that the world is apparently ending on May 21st.  I feel so out of the loop about this. You'd think that some sort of mass memo would have been mailed out.  I mean at least a tweet should've been sent.  (Shameless plug warning:  Follow me on Twitter!!!)Out of all the fabulous new ways to communicate I got nothing.  That is until The Mister and I were driving and we passed this mobile home.  As you can see Judgment Day is coming and it's this Saturday. 

Now according to the Winnie the "sinners" shall be destroyed and the Earth will be burned up.  Correct me if I'm wrong but if the Earth is burned up wouldn't that destroy everyone and not just the "sinners"? 

I feel I should also mention that this vehicle is parked in a boarded up closed Denny's parking lot.  Who can take anything seriously when it's around a Denny's?  Remember how at Denny's you could get two pancakes, two eggs, two pieces of bacon, and two pieces of sausage for $2.99?  That was a good deal.  I spent a great many nights in high school at Denny's.  But I'm getting a tad off topic.

I have some new followers that I'm sad to say won't get to read the glory that is this blog for much longer. 

I'm curious what the owner of this fabulous thing on wheels will do if the world isn't eaten by flames on May 21st.  I'm feel pretty silly come May 22nd if I was the owner. 

And to think I just bought a bunch of diapers.  Such a waste if the world ends on Saturday.  I should also probably use those Amazon gift cards as well.

If the world is ending on Saturday what do you need to do before then to make it worth it?

These are a few of my favorite things

I had my first Mother's Day as an actual Mother last weekend.  It was fabulous!  My husband made me breakfast in bed and is going to get me a pedicure and a manicure.  What more could a girl ask for then crispy bacon in bed and pretty toes?

This right here makes me giddy.  I just know that when that freshness seal is lifted I'm going to be hit hard with the fresh smell of peanut butter.  Not just any peanut butter either, Jiff peanut butter which is superior to any and all other peanut butters! 

This right here is an even better site then the picture before.  Completely untouched peanut butter.  The first sandwich is ALWAYS the best.  

You know what is even better then a completely brand new jar of peanut butter?  A sleeping baby during lunch time!!!  Els slept the entire time I had lunch yesterday.  It was heavenly to be able to eat a full meal without having to stop once.

This is my favorite wine from a tiny vineyard in Vermont.  The Mister bought me a case last year for our second wedding anniversary.  However not that long after we found out I was with baby.  So the 11 heavenly bottles sat in our wine fridge wondering why I didn't love them.  Well the baby has been born and the wine has been flowing!!!

Waking up and seeing a grey sky in the springtime is sometimes a fabulous thing.  It's the perfect opportunity to snuggle in bed with Els and lounge around all day in our PJs.

What are your favorite things?

I've been over taken by my alter-ego

My husband informed me the other day that I'm not only Elisabeth's mom, but I'm Natalie as well.  Well shit I actually had to stop and think about that one.  My life is so consumed now with boobs (mine), diaper changes, and just generally making sure Els is OK that I may have forgot all about me. 

Even this blog has been taken over by the Mom-bug.  I haven't even made a post about my love of bacon in a long time.  What the devil monsters is up with that?  The good news is that I'm going to start exercising again so that should be a bunch of good blog posts.  Exercise is a necessary evil in my world.  I'm not one of those freaks who enjoys it.

In honor of my clean bill of uterus health The Mister is going to buy me a jogging stroller and then force me to use it.  He'll probably have to drag me out kicking and screaming.  That's not a euphemism either, he'll literally drag me out of the house and force me to run.  "We" are going to do a 5k in the fall.  This is what I've been told. 

So I'm going to try and mesh my two personalities together to make a super fantastic kick ass person complete with high heels and poop stains. 

I'm torn

Tonight I will be leaving my baby for the first time in over ten months.  I'm extremely torn.  I both really want to leave for a few hours and really want to stay home and cuddle her.  I'm going to Auburn Road Winery for there case club wine debut night with some female friends.  YAY for girl's night!!!  However I'm going to be leaving my favorite lady at home with her Daddy. 

I already told The Mister that I'm going to need a text message update every half hour and a picture every hour.  I'm not nuts!  I'm just a tad over protective.  It's not that I don't trust The Mister with her care, it's just that for the last ten months she's never been away from me.  The longest we were ever apart is right after she was born and had to go to the nursery.  We were apart for two hours and it was a difficult two hours.  Tonight I will leave the house at 5:45 and probably won't return until around 10.  I'm driving to my friend's house and then she is driving to the winery.  This way I can't run away at 6:15 back to my peanut.

It will be weird to leave the house and not have to worry about what kind of access to my boobs my outfit has.  Literally every morning when I get dressed I think about how I can access my boobs for a feeding before I put anything on.  Also 90% of what I own has boob milk stain on it.  I'm a hot mess right now, but my peanut is growing strong and isn't hungry!!!

Hopefully I survive my girl's night out. 

One Month Old

Dear Els,

Today marks exactly one month since we've met.  You have changed our lives so much in just one short month.  We thought we were happy living just the two of us until you came.  We don't even understand now how we thought we were happy before.  You have showed us what real happiness is.

I assumed before you were born that we would hep mold your personality.  I was wrong.  You already have a personality of your own and you are slowly showing us who you will turn out to be.  You can be a little impatient.  I've learned this from your eating style.  When you are hungry you want food now.  You do not want to wait and you let us know that the food train needs to pull into the station immediately.  Otherwise you remain pretty content and calm.  I love watching your curious eyes taking in every new place we go.  I think you are going to take things apart one day just like your Daddy did when he was younger.

You really enjoy having the tops of your feet rubbed, but despise having the bottoms of your feet touched.  You also enjoy laying tummy down on our chests.  It soothes you better then anything else.  You like being cuddled and loved upon and we love giving you those cuddles and love.  When you are cranky or not feeling well you will fall fast asleep when I put you in your moby wrap.  On Wednesday I wore you all day long because it was the only way you would sleep.  You kept snuggling into me just like when you were inside.

This past month has gone by so fast that I know I'm going to blink and you're going to be walking.  You've already grown and changed so much from the day we brought you home from the hospital.  You no longer look like a newborn and are changing into an infant.  You have more control over your arms and legs and you now recognize both my voice and Daddys.  You track both of us when we come into a room or talk to you.

Before I know it I'll be posting your two month update.  Time sure does fly.


Milestones in Month One
  • Got your first bottle at 10 days old
  • Slept six hours straight at night!
  • Met most of the family
  • Had your first photo shoot
  • Got your first tummy ache
  • Had you first trip to Target

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