Your camera takes good pictures...

Can I tell you just how much that statement bothers me?  There is so much more to taking a good picture then the equipment that the person is holding.  Instead of going onto a long rant about it all I'm just going to prove my point with pictures.  One of the below pictures is taken with my Nikon D600 with a 50 1.4G lens, one with an entry level Nikon D60 with a 35 1.8G lens, and one was taken with a $99 point and shoot Kodak camera.  Can you tell which is which?


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Sometimes I just want to scream

You know how sometimes, some things just grate on your very last nerve and you know deep down inside that it's not that big of a deal.  But that sensible and reasonable little voice inside of you is being beaten to a pulp and gagged by the irrational side of your brain and you just want to run away and hide?

That's me right now.  Currently the child is upstairs in bed and squealing/screeching "MAMA" or just a high pitched nothingness.  It's annoying and it's been going on for about an hour now.  She's tired, I know she's tired, she knows she's tired, but she refuses to settle down.  It's off and on too.  I think that if it was constant it wouldn't be as irksome, but because it comes and goes it's bothering.  Every time I think she has fallen asleep she squawks out again.

I feel bad for wanting to just walk outside and sit on the step without the baby monitor.  I won't do it though.  {there she goes again after 3 minutes of silence}  I know she
is finally cutting a K9 tooth which makes me feel worse.  However knowing that this is my full time job come Monday I'm starting to worry about whether or not I'll go insane.

I love my daughter and I'm excited to spend the days with her, but I'm hoping that in the process I don't lose myself or my sanity.


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Baby Beau & Belle - Review

I had this crazy idea that I was going to make Elisabeth's Easter dress and two year portrait dress.  {I still have all of the material and stuff}.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I always imagine I can sew when in reality I really can't all that well.  Luckily for me my savior came in an email from Baby Beau & Belle asking if they could send Elisabeth a dress.  I jumped at the opportunity.  {Who wouldn't?  Have you seen the gorgeous little girl and boy clothes they offer?}

Elisabeth and I were sent the Harper Dress and Bloom as well as the Harper Flower Headband {which sadly was to small for my daughter's gigantic head}

The dress is 100% silk and so are the bloomer and they are super luxurious.  Most importantly the dress was also comfortable for Elisabeth to wear.  No toddler enjoys wearing a scratchy dress.

Baby Beau and Belle was founded in 1984 by Roberta Salton.  Originally only found in the finest department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, Baby Beau & Belle is now exclusively available for purchase only on their websites  All of their garments are made in the USA and are designed in-house, ensuring that the finest quality of clothing is produced for your little ones.

In addition to baptismal gowns and silk Christening gowns, Baby Beau & Belle also makes amazing newborn baby girl clothing and baby girl dresses, as well as Christening outfits for baby boys.  You will  absolutely love the intricate detailing which shows that a great deal of love and pride go into the creation of each one of their dresses.  They also offer amazing accessories to compliment your child's Christening gown from little booties to bibs and blankets. 

Check out Baby Beau and Belle on Facebook and Google+ Photobucket

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Toddler Toilet Learning

I've had Els in panties for the last couple of days and it's exhausting!  

I figured that if we are going to do this we might as well go big.  Yesterday Els spent the entire day in panties {not including nap time or bedtime}

As the nutter I am that meant that I took her out in public for her first day in panties.  Since it was her birthday we met up with her mom-mom for breakfast.  That was trying.  We got there and we went straight to the potty with no issues.  Half way thru breakfast Els let me know she had to go potty, so up I got and off we went.  She was flat out terrified and refused to use the potty.  There was back arching and a lot of "no mama"'s flying around.  

This happened twice.  No accidents though.  As soon as we got home she used the potty with no issue.
First outing in big girl panties!

Before I put Els in panties my diaper bag consisted a diaper and a change of clothes.  Now I pack a huge full diaper bag.  I have spare panties, plastic bags for wet clothes, three pairs of pants, a few pairs of socks, a spare pair of shoes, some diapers just in case, tons of wipes, travel potty seat, container of mini m&ms, a spare shirt, and a hand towel.  {The hand towel is for me to stick on the floor of a public restroom when I need to sit and wait for Els to be done}

We are on day two of no more diapers.  So far we have been accident free.  I do ask her if she has to go.  I also have her do pantie checks.  She checks to make sure she is dry and then we get really excited when she is and dance around.  Currently she's been asking for a jelly bean when she goes on the potty.  I happily oblige and give her one.  

Wish us luck as our adventure in potty land continues.


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Weekend Reading and Vineyard Visits


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